Question №1: Login or password is incorrect / Can not deactivate. What to do?
Answer: If your question is related to:
   - Activate / deactivate or install
   - Exchange of goods
   - Return of payment
   - And any other questions to the seller
pass ONLY (!!!) through the "Correspondence" on the product page.

Question №2: The seller does not answer me in correspondence!
Answer: The waiting time of the seller's response is from 10 minutes to 24 hours. If, after the expiry of the day, you have not received a response from the seller, please send a screenshot of the product page and a description of the problem to [email protected] :
   - name of the seller
   - product name
   - order number
   - date and time of purchase
   - payment amount
   - correspondence with the seller, where we can see that he did not answer for more than a 24 hours.
And we will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Question №3: I paid for the goods, but nothing came to me. Where can I see the purchased goods?
Answer: All your purchases can be viewed at any time in your personal account. To do this, click the button "My orders" at the top of the site.

Question №4: How to buy and whether to register on the site to complete the purchase?
Answer: No. You just need to click on the "Buy" button, choose a payment method and enter your email address. All purchases are made through an automated service with instant delivery of goods.

Question №5: Will I be able to play online games?
Answer: After installing the games on your account you will be able to use all the features, including the game on the network (for PS4 you need an active PLUS subscription), if the seller does not specify other information about this in the product description. Do not forget before buying carefully read the information that the seller indicated in the description of the product.

Question №6: What do the letters USA, EURO, RUS mean in the names of the accounts?
Answer: This is the region of the account. The country in which it was created. It only affects the language in the games. For example, in some games on RUS accounts and many games on EURO accounts, there is English. In all games on the USA accounts there is English, provided that the game was published in this language.

Question №7: I did not find the desired game in the list. When it is? How often is the range added?
Answer: The assortment is replenished daily. The exact date of receipt of a specific game is not.

Question №8: Can I order a product with the right games?
Answer: No. At the moment we do not provide such a service. In the future, we are considering the possibility of such functionality on the site.

Question №9: Can I exchange a paid work good for any other?
Answer: Only in agreement with the seller. A working and serviceable goods can not be exchanged and returned. Please read carefully the description of the product.

Question №10: How can I sell your account?
Answer: No way. We work only with trusted wholesalers.