On our site you can buy a PSN account, pay by any currency and in any way from any country.

The most popular ways to pay for PSN accounts today are:

In total, about 20 different payment methods are available in the PSN account store.

Also, you can buy a PSN account for Bitcoin . Now it is possible to pay any goods from our site with bitcoins directly, without exchanging one currency for another.

With the modern payment system all funds are transferred through the secure protocol https, which completely eliminates the loss of funds and personal data.

To switch to choosing a payment method and buy a PS4 account or PS3 account, just click on the "Buy" button on the product description page.

Now you can pay for some goods via PayPal. Not all sellers work with this payment system. Only products marked with PayPal can be paid in this way. PSN accounts paid using PayPal are issued manually (from 10 minutes to several hours).

1. Select a product on our website with a PayPal icon and click on it

2. In the form below, select the seller of this product to get a link to pay by PayPal

3. After payment, be sure to fill out the form below and expect the goods

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