All goods are verified

We work only with trusted sellers, who value their reputation and are ready to be responsible for the quality of their products. All goods without exception are tested before coming on the market. This excludes the possibility of marriage and poor quality goods.

We also strictly monitor the compliance of these requirements with sellers. Unfair sellers immediately lose the opportunity to exhibit their products on our website.

Replacement of goods

Of course, one of the main advantages of our site is the refund of payment and the guarantee of the exchange of defective goods. Subject to all the terms of the purchase specified by the seller in the description of the product.

In most cases, our technical support helps customers decide whether to replace the product or refund the payment. More information about this you can read in the Help section of our website.

Safe shopping

To protect your personal and billing information, we use a modern and reliable data transfer protocol with encryption https, so all purchases are made easily and safely. This allows you not to jeopardize your money, time and nerves. Your safety is our top priority!

Comfortable search

We try to make visiting of our site as pleasant as possible for you. For this, convenient sorting and display of goods are provided, which are constantly improving.

Find the PSN account you need in several ways: using the search bar at the top of the site, or in the menu on the left through the alphabetical index, the list of game genres or selecting the desired category of products.

Low prices

We are proud that for a long time now we can delight you not only with a wide range of products, but also, perhaps, with the best prices in runet. While you trust us and use our store, we will always try to set only the best prices.

Every day hundreds of products with discounts and the best offers from sellers are available to you! The list of promotional products is constantly supplemented and changed.

User support

For your convenience, in the lower right corner of the site there is an online chat button with a support specialist ready to answer any of your questions. The average online response time of a specialist is 3 minutes.

In addition, your offline questions also return as quickly as possible and the response will be received as soon as your message is read. Offline questions can be asked through the chat form with a support specialist or send an email to our email.

About this website

PSN-GAME.COM - is a digital distribution service for PSN accounts. Instant online delivery allows you to start downloading and installing games on your Playstation in just a few minutes after purchase.

We are selling accounts for PS4, PS3, PS VR, PS Vita, PS Plus, replenishment cards and renewal cards. There is always a large selection of goods for buying and renting PSN accounts.